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National Same Sex Kiss Day

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The controversy over Chik-Fil-A is not about religion. This has nothing to do with religion whatsoever.

This has to do with an organization, a business, that’s funding hate groups. That’s supporting lobbying efforts to violently force their beliefs and ideas onto other people; preventing couples from wanting to be closer, from just wanting to get married.

From Christians to Pagans, I personallyΒ have nothing against anyone who wants to practice religion. I will always defend anyone’s right to have any belief system. My mother’s a Christian-Anarchist.

This stopped being a freedom of speech issue the moment that moral line was crossed. This is now about the freedom of exercising your right to associate/dissociate.

You can be homophobic, sexist, or even a racist, I just don’t have to interact with you, nor buy your products or services.

I will never force my ideas on you. But you forcing your beliefs, values, or ideas on me through legislation is not only wrong and immoral, but disgustingly evil.

The Mafia was also known for supporting local charities, too.

–Β Kal

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