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Liberate RVA is a freedom movement against the occupation of violence in our community. It’s a freedom movement that does not require permits, camping gear, or marching protests, because it can take place where ever you are at this very moment. It’s a freedom movement that can never be made illegal, shut down, or destroyed, because the state can never stop you and I from simply talking to each other. It’s a freedom movement that liberates our communities from the idea that violence will set us free.

Purpose: Liberate RVA (Richmond, Virginia) was founded on the 8th of May, 2012 as the first free-market anarchist organization in the world to campaign against the state and support peaceful parenting; thus our purpose is to create a truly free society based on consent. Since there exists no factual evidence of a contractual relationship with the tyranny that is government, we seek to abolish that coercive organization and all such political rulership positions that would make slaves of us all.

Our purpose then is to abolish tyranny wherever it lurks.

Goal: The goal for liberation centers around building a dynamic community that respects property rights and voluntary exchange. Once 10% of Richmonders have courageously taken their stand against statism we can then proceed to abolishing the funding that goes towards hurting peaceful people — taxation.

Plan: The Liberation Plan is twofold: abolishing the state internally through education and externally through grassroots activism. Being an anti-political organization we work not only towards ending the tyranny innate in government but also at home, too. Thus peaceful-parenting is tantamount in our work towards achieving freedom in our lifetime.

Join us, and together we can Liberate RVA!

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