Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does RVA stand for?

RVA is an abbreviation for the city name of Richmond, Virginia. Also known as the River City, highlights of this vibrant community includes the emerging art renaissance of First Fridays Art Walk, outdoor adventures on Belle Isle, and spectacular sights from Hollywood Cemetery.

2. What is the Meaning Behind the Freedom Symbol?

The symbol is just another way to help unite and connect with those who uphold the Non-Aggression Principle (the olive branch), and to liberate ourselves and our community from the idea that statism will set us free (the bolt cutter). But symbols, like charms and pendants, are really just there as a reminder of what’s already inside of us. Anyone who values the Non-Aggression Principle and are against all forms of violence, and not just state violence (laws & taxes), but the violence we do to each other (voting & domestic abuse), the violence that’s done to children (spanking), can use this symbol to help liberate their community.

Bolt cutters of philosophy + Olive branch of the Non-Aggression Principle = Freedom through anarchy.

3. What is an Anarchy Garden?

An Anarchy Garden is the name of your local anarchist community and freedom center to help liberate your community from statism. Anyone who values the Non-Aggression Principle and can host Freedom Gathering events can start an Anarchy Garden.

On May 2012, the marvelous Rachel Renner helped to plant the seeds of freedom by founding the first Maplewood Anarchy Garden in her lovely River City home.

4. What is the Non-Aggression Principle?

The Non-Aggression Principle states that it’s wrong or immoral to initiate force — violate consent — on another human being, regardless of how old or young they are (this includes spanking children). Violence is defined as placing a person in an involuntary position without their consent or choice, i.e., rape, murder, theft, and assault. Self-defense of yourself and others is not violence; it’s self-preservation from the initiation of force that seeks to violate your consent. The risk of being socially ostracized by your entire community will become the best form of self-defense for anyone who wants to be apart of a free society based on consent.

5. What is a Freedom Gathering?

A Freedom Gathering is a celebration of community. It’s a place where free-market anarchists can meet new friends and family that also value and uphold the Non-Aggression Principle. From a simple documentary viewing and discussion, to hosting benefit shows for local fundraisers, a Freedom Gathering can take place anywhere and be about anything that helps to unite your community; to live, love, and liberate.

6. What kind of activism do we engage in?

We are first a community of individual people that advocate for a plurality of non-violent solutions to personal or societal problems. Many forms of activism can be found in using currency such as Bitcoin, having conversations about freedom with your family and friends, or through simple acts of demonstrations that promote truth and reason to your community at large. 

7. What is this Freedom Movement not about?

Since Liberate RVA was founded as a free-market anarchist organization that respects property rights and voluntary exchange, we therefore do not advocate for the initiation of force against any person or their property. Nor do we condone violent parenting methods such as spanking children; they’re people, too. And most importantly, because anarchism is not a political position, we do not participate in or advocate for state intervention, support political rulers, form political protests, and engage in voting – electoral and referendums. We do not compromise principles for politics.

8. What is an Anarchist?
An anarchist is one who values consent over coercion, fights for the good of peaceful people, and has the courage to champion liberty. It is from this combination of virtues that we find anarchy not as a place or destination, but as a way of life. To be against all who vie for the throne of tyranny is to be a force of anarchy and one with it.

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