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Liberate T-Shirt

Liberate The Market!


If you’d like to stay liberated by demonstrating your stance against tyranny send a trade request at for PayPal or Bitcoin invoices. Richmonders of course can stop by the Nevermore Anarchy Garden to pick theirs up. 

Each t-shirt is $20 + shipping. Be sure to include your shipping address and size selection of s,m, l, or xl.




Abolish Tyranny!

Liberate patches are in! The freedom symbol can be ironed on and measures 3.5″ in circumference. Yours for $6 in Bitcoin or fiat (includes shipping and handling costs).

Bolt cutters of philosophy + Olive branch of the Non-Aggression Principle = Freedom through anarchy.

Bitcoin invoices and PayPal payments can be sent to







Liberate your wardrobe!

Liberate your wardrobe!

The material used for this armband was once part of clothing & linens; acquired from a variety of thrift stores. Now, with some snipping & zig-zag stitching, it’s the essential wearable emblem for those eschewing the flag.

This one-of-a-kind, anarchist’s armband has been crafted from upcycled materials as an unique expression of the non-aggression principle.

For more unique custom designs visit Esty Store: Ester Magpie.







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