The State of Nature is a concept in Western political philosophy which describes the supposed state of human society before becoming “organized” under the laws of nation-states.

Thomas Hobbes put forward perhaps the most famous and enduring description of this state of anarchy in Leviathan, where he saw life as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

This supposedly violent and dangerous state was used to justify the Social Contract, where governments would be instituted as a “common power to keep…all in awe” and limit the violence of men.

We beg to differ with Hobbes. Rather than discourage violence among men, coercive institutions like governments have been the chief perpetrators of violence, over the centuries. The power of the State is a siren song to those who would use violence to control and abuse others. In the 20th Century, alone, sociopaths in government killed over a quarter of a billion people in their own nations. Wars between nation-states have killed more than one hundred million more.

We believe it is time to rediscover the State of Nature…a world where there is no Social Contract, except those which are mutually agreed upon by the living. We desire a world where interpersonal violence is rejected as evil, not used as a tool of control. 

Come, join us for a weekend of anarchy from August 16th to 18th, 2019 in Gore, Virginia, and experience the potential of peaceful and voluntary society. Come and see the true State of Nature. 

AnarCon will be taking place at The Cove. The beautiful 3,000 mountain acre campground includes a beach for swimming, lakes to go boating and fishing, trails for motorcycles, ATVs, mountain biking, and hiking. And if that’s not enough for you there’s also a rifle and pistol range on site!

Let’s come together as a tribe to share our stories of liberation, strategies against tyranny, and community celebration. Camp VI is where we’ll be hosting our festivities for spontaneous order. It includes a stage for music and talks, washroom facilities, and room for up to 1,000 happy campers. 

In order to keep costs low we’re not selling festival tickets, price is just the general campground admission payable at the entrance: $17 for adults and $8 for those under 12 for each 24-hour stay. So if you checked in on Friday around noon check out would then be the same time on Sunday for a 2-day period.

Agorist trading is encouraged, and anyone who wants to play music, spin fire, or do a spoken word piece can perform. Let us know, too, if you would like to put together a workshop, teach a class, or give a talk.

More information will be coming soon! If you want to help put together this awesome freedom festival contact us at

The Cove Campground

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