Fellow freedom activists, you are more than welcome to use these images and graphics for any of your personal or community needs. Enjoy!

*Images are resized on the page for aesthetics. Your downloaded copy will reflect its true size. Also, the customized version of the pamphlets for your local Liberate group are located in the Freedom Kit 1.0 file, which can be found in our Facebook community group

PDF Documents

An Introduction to Freedom Zine by Bugatti Veyron

Peaceful Parenting Pamphlet by the Liberate Family & Community

Freedom, If You Can Keep It by Panxer

Voluntaryism Pamphlet by the Liberate Family & Community

Anarchy Pamphlet by the Liberate Family & Community

Agorism Pamphlet by the Liberate Family & Community

Web Banners

Facebook Covers


Freedom Symbols


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