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The road to freedom begins by seeing the hidden violence behind statism. After answering the three questions below, if you agree that violence will never set us free, then I implore you to join the Champions of Liberty and sign the Freedom Pledge. Your signature shows the world that you are not afraid to draw your moral line in your community against all acts of violence.

How is statism immoral? Simply answer these few questions to find out:

1. In your day-to-day life, do you use violence to solve your personal problems? Violence defined as placing a person in an involuntary position without their consent or choice, i.e., rape, murder, theft, and assault — all violations of property rights beginning with self-ownership.

2. If you said “no,” would it be wrong or immoral to initiate force onto others? Self-defense of yourself and others is not violence; it’s self preservation from the initiation of force. 

3. If you said “yes,” would you then agree that it is wrong or immoral to violently force your ideas onto other people? For example, if you did not like what I have to say you can simply walk away, ignore or ostracize me. But If I were to grab you and threaten you with a gun if you did not listen to me, then I would be violently forcing my ideas onto you.

Then, if it is wrong and immoral to initiate force — violence — on another human-being to solve social problems, how then is government any different? 

There is one, and only one singular way that governments knows how to solve problems in society and that’s through violence. It’s an organization that solves problems through the use and threat of violence (laws & police), in which the only way the organization can sustain and fund itself is through more violence via extortion (taxes).

Anarchy, meaning against political rulers; it offers a plurality of non-violent and voluntary solutions to problems via voluntary exchange in the free market. It’s the only real alternative to a government organization that has only one coercive solution — violence — to solve problems in society. And if you answered “no, yes, and yes” to the questions above, then it shows that for the most part you’re already a practicing free-market anarchist.

It’s time we Liberate RVA instead of occupying it with more government.

Liberate our communities from the idea that violence will set us free!


First NameLast NameCityState
Aj Martinez Conway SC
Stuart Brock Kings Mountain NC
matt patyra Portland Oregon
Alexander Krmaer Richmond VA
Hannah Jackson Fenton Michigan
Matthew Long Centreville VA
wayne chisholm lightfoot VA
Anthony Good Narvon Pa
Matthew Kestner Sutton West Virginia
Shane Radliff Bloomington Illinois
Edward Brindley Richmond VA
Daniel Quillinan Austin Texas
Ray Montoro Richmond VA
David Leksen Baltimore MD
Jenna Geiger Richmond VA
Isaac Marcuson Richmond VA
Shawn Farrell Richmond Virginia
Roberto Morales Newport News Virginia
Hilary shockey winchester virginia
Jenna Dolan Washington New Jersey
Darren Wilson Stevens Pennsylvania
Emiliano Sagulo North Miami Florida
kevin staab virginia beach virginia
ashley jamerson mechanicsville va
Cory Mahler Shelton WA
Danilo Cuellar Ronkonkoma NY
Alvaro Maranon Durham NH
Ashley Richardson Richmond Virginia
Andrew Follin Christiansburg Virginia
Jack Wilson Saratoga California
Chris Shifflett Richmond Virginia
Jonathan Howard Richmond VA
Devin Doucet Brighton MA
Greg Daulton Lenoir NC
derek richardson muscoy CA
Claudius Langenbeck Husum Germany
James Bolden Richmond Virginia
Jesse Goble Dayton Ohio
Eric Ulness pittsburgh Pennsylvania
brandon adkins fayetteville ga
Nathaniel Elliott Richmond Virginia
Keturah Spencer Midlothian Virginia
Noah Essenamcher Bay City Michigan
yurei juman richmond virginia
James Anderson Pittsburgh PA
David Hewitt Belfast County Antrim
Santo Stramonine Rochester NY
Abeed Rahman Richmond Virginia
Brian Gill Hackettstown NJ
Tukumek Young Woodbridge Virginia

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